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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD - Day 12

Walking with trust.

Healing deep wounds takes time and frequent care. Neither of which most of us want to wait on. In some instances someone with PTSD can heal from their trauma in around 6 months, but most can take several months or even years. Sometimes as we go through therapy it seems like we are taking 10 steps backwards or getting nowhere. This is where trust is absolutely necessary.

Lord, today we thank you for the small steps that we have made toward healing PTSD. We thank you for walking with us today and everyday and we look forward to our continued walk with you.

Sit here for a moment:

Discuss a time in your life when you had to wait 6 months or more for something.


When you reflect on that time what helped you to know that it would all work out? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What small steps have you taken recently to encourage your healing journey?


Ask God to cover the steps that you are taking. Then walk with trust.

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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