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Running into the Fire

Jordan Anne Crowe, you were and forever will be a light in our life. Our family misses you and will love you always.

Thank you for being an amazing friend, an inspiration, and for always encouraging me to get strong and stay the course.

Thank you for settling in with me at Mugz and the Perfect Latte to flush out all of my ideas and sharing your life with me as we talked. Most especially, thank you for bringing the logo for Get Strong with Jen! to life. And, for leaving me with a plan. There’s still so much we had to do together, but if I know you you are already nestled up next to the Big Guy working on the next steps for me and countless others. You were always so good about pointing me directly to Him.

Greg wore the t-shirt you gave him to your service yesterday. You know the one that says “Security” on it. Lol! He was honored and ready to do that job for you and Silence the Crow.

You would have been overjoyed to see all the people who came to celebrate you. You touched so many lives.

Your manifesto is written on the front of the spiral that holds the first devotional I published on Get Strong with Jen! Your words have often served as motivation for my writing and will remain there:

“I am running into the fire. I am making music that changes people’s lives. I will tour the world. I am an artist who is brave.”

Your music is definitely something special, but you, your life and your story were brave enough to nestle up next to mine. It was an incredible honor and I am so grateful for the time we had together.

Fly high my sweet friend, until we meet again… a little Halestorm will have to do. 😉

🎶 “Here's to us, here's to us

Here's to us, here's to us

Here's to us, here's to love

Here's to us, wish everybody well

Here's to us, here's to love

Here's to us, here's to us” 🎶

I love you Jordan Crowe. I am anticipating some fiery sunsets now that you have gained your angel wings.

All My Love,


Jordan was an incredible friend and mentor. She left this world after 30 short years, but not without leaving her incredible mark. Tiny, but with a mighty voice she went after her lifelong dream to help people heal through music and began Silence the Crow.

Her hard-metal music is definitely a far stretch from my quiet soulful taste in music…she laughed at me every time I told her that, but the impact that it carries and the strength at which she carries her message continues to leave me awe-struck.

To listen to Silence the Crow, please visit here.

To learn more about Get Strong with Jen! click here.


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