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Paint the World Beautiful in 31 Days

Day 1

We were all born in heaven and are all walking together on our journey back there. Today, help someone to create a small piece of heaven here on earth. Whether that be in a softly spoken word, a gift, or some other small token of affection.

Day 2

Your place needs you! Some sunflowers were meant to grow in the field and be harvested for other purposes while others were meant to bloom in the same place year after year. No matter, they naturally turn towards God and one another throughout their growing process. They stand ready to paint the world beautiful!

Day 3

Set yourself apart from others and give God the space to work through you. Spending time with family and friends is important, but equally important is to set aside time each day to be alone with our God. Ask Him to bring hope and healing to others. Then stand and watch Him paint the world beautiful!

Day 4

Much like pink is drawn to yellow and yellow compliments pink, love is magnetic. Sometimes we are the pink rose, sometimes the yellow; no matter, live in love and paint the world beautiful!

Day 5

Many people come into our lives over the course of a lifetime. Some stick around forever, others come and go. Many of them, our earthly angels stopping by with a word of wisdom, a beautiful prayer, or a gentle reminder. Regardless of how long they stay they help to paint our small part of the world beautiful!

Day 6

There are definitely times in our lives when the path looks long, rocky and full of weeds at best. The heat is pounding down as we walk, but soon we remember that we have a God who not only walks with us, but who is strong enough to carry us and our load. We only need, but follow.

Day 7

I hope you are finding more and more beauty in life with every moment that passes. Take a deep breath, stay here for a moment. Believe that He is working. Then go forward.

Day 8

Head into the day with a full heart. Faith is not something that can be measured or even really seen. It is the natural spirit that flows from within out to the world that paints our world beautiful.

Day 9

Let’s go fly a kite. You are a holy person with holy thoughts. Stay here in this place for just a moment and know that the Lord gave you wings to paint the world beautiful.

Day 10

When our neighbor smiles we smile too. When our neighbor waves we wave back. When our neighbor laughs we share in their joy too. When our neighbor gets out the paint we walk over with the brush and offer to paint the world beautiful together!

Day 11

Walk into the day with a smile. It’s exciting to see those around you achieving their goals, conquering their fears, and fulfilling their dreams. Rejoicing with others usually results in joy for all involved. Rejoice with your neighbor today and paint the world beautiful.

Day 12

Hiking into the day. Sometimes we can go through life working so hard to accomplish the next feat. Some moments it feels like we may never get there. In those moments take a break to enjoy the view.

Day 13

Breathing in the day. Whether it’s stunning roses, giggling babies, laundry flowing in the breeze, dragonflies flittering, butterflies fluttering, or family fun; learning to keep our minds fixed on joyful moments helps us to paint the world beautiful!

Day 14

Dancing into the day. Years and years of trial and error and watching and observing has shown me that love is absolutely real and does exist in so many different forms! Grab hold of it and paint the world beautiful!

Day 15

Living on a prayer today. Our faith tells us that there is more to the story. It helps us to grow in understanding, centers us, and gives us the confidence to go forward and paint the world beautiful!

Day 16

Jumping into the day! The joy we feel when our circumstances are good can carry us through even the hardest moments when we come to understand that joy is deeply ingrained into the core of who we are. Joy is not a feeling, rather it is our foundation. Take a deep breath in. Then jump joyfully into each day and paint the world beautiful!

Day 17

Take a moment each day to put someone else’s needs before your own whether that be through prayer, a kind word, or an unexpected gift of time or deed. Do good things each day to paint our world beautiful!

Day 18

Adjusting our light as we head into the day! Sometimes a move or small adjustment in the lighting can help us to create a warmer, more inviting environment. It can help us to smile more and see things we might not otherwise see. Place others in the right light, watch them bloom and paint the world beautiful!

Day 19

Heading into the day with a full cup. Friends are absolutely golden. Join a friend for a coffee date and go paint the world beautiful together!

Day 20

Cherishing the day. We are all surrounded by beautiful and precious moments everyday, sometimes complex, sometimes intricate, but mostly quiet and intimate. Breathe in the blessings today. Hold them dear to your heart and paint the world beautiful!

Day 21

Don't miss this opportunity to smell the roses today! The flowers of life come in tiny blooms, blossom, wither, and die; whether they come as we expect or not. Life is a gift. Don't ignore it. Take time to savor every moment and paint the world beautiful!

Day 22

Let’s embrace joy! No matter what life throws at you, there will always be moments to smile. Commit to finding joy in everything you do. Then go out and paint the world beautiful!

Day 23

The beauty around us is a reminder that we are valuable not for what we accomplish, nor are we valuable for what we love or who we are, but because of God. With His help and guidance we can show love to others, support them and use our gifts to paint the world beautiful.

Day 24

Let us remember that we already have everything that we need for a peaceful and prosperous life. Breathe it in. Find your limits, then do what you can to paint the world beautiful!

Day 25

We celebrate life's precious gifts. Even though you may not always find sunshine and rainbows, when your heart is filled with love, everything shines. So, let your light shine and colors twinkle as you paint the world beautiful!

Day 26

The world is not made up of people exactly like you. It is you who makes it so beautiful. As we leap into the day, let's celebrate our differences. Each of us shines our light in our own unique way. But no matter how we shine, we all share the ability to paint our world beautiful!

Day 27

We cannot predict when a tragedy might strike, or a hurt so deep and raw might be triggered, but we can equip ourselves with tools to grapple with and bravely tackle a situation. Keeping a journal, looking through old photos, standing still, or simply doing the right thing helps to keep us in touch with our brightest and best moments in life and provides us with the strength that we need to honor our spirit and paint the world beautiful!

Day 28

Relishing my space as I start the day.. Each of us has one. It’s called our heart, mind, body and soul. Ensuring that each is gently and thoughtfully taken care of each day is a must. If we forget to dust out the cobwebs they just get thicker. If we put in the wrong foods or otherwise ignore what our body says we could be in for serious heartbreak. Take a moment today to plan out how you will nourish your heart, mind, body and soul this week.

Day 29

The way in which we love can look different from the way in which we receive love. Let love inspire you to share the beautiful parts of life regardless of the circumstances and paint the world beautiful.

Day 30

Let us take a moment to reflect on all that God has done for us. Whether we have helped a friend overcome their fears, shared joy and laughter, or helped a child discover their happily ever after, God's glory shines through each of us. Take a moment to breathe in deeply and let His glory radiate through your body. Smile. Then step out and paint the world beautiful.

Day 31

Inspired by this day we give thanks for all our friends and family members who have gone before us and prepared the way, so that we can live the life we have.

I recall today a social studies project I did years ago where I learned about how my ancestors came to Texas by boat and settled the land. What must that journey have been like? What must it have looked like? What must it have felt like? Could they have imagined the life that we would have today? Would they have known that the old wooden log home would lead to the properties we own now?

Their trust in our Lord, their strength to set out on their voyage, and their discipline to follow through is what brought them here. The peace they must have known when the dust settled. I am certain there were traumatic moments, but they persevered in spite of their circumstances. They found strength in their God and one another. What a life! What a way to live! What a way to love at the foot of the cross.

I have no idea where Get Strong with Jen! is headed, no idea what I am even cooking for dinner tonight, or what life will look like in 10 years, but I do know that just like those that have gone before me, that I am capable of good things. Great things even! And, you are too!

The road has been well prepared for us to paint our world beautiful! 🎨🖌

Y’all have an AMAZING day!! ☀️🌈🔥❤️🔥

All My Love,


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