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Angels in Our Lives

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Goodness! I could write so many stories about the angels in my life. Some of them are very real, very saintly people. Some of them like the cute little valentine cherub and still some of them, like that of St. Michael. Here’s what I know- Angels do exist!

I know this because I have experienced them. They are people who come into our lives sometimes for a long while, sometimes only for a moment, but in some small way they help to change our life.

Many times they don’t ever know or understand the way in which they impact us. Sometimes it’s a softly spoken word, sometimes it comes through a book recommendation, or some other small exchange. Other times they are there to help us build or see a project or process through to completion. And, still other times it is just their presence that brings us the hope and joy we need.

Whatever the reason they were called, God brings them to us sometimes in a time of need and at other times when we least expect it.

And so I write:

You didn’t know when you walked through the door that day that you left a part of your angel wing.

It’s a part of you that speaks to whether or not I stay.

Stay in the same place or grow.

Grow in light and love, hope or both.

Both holding onto each other not knowing which way to go.

“Go with God,” I said.

Consider taking a moment today to think about all of the angels who have entered your life. Then consider taking it a step further and calling or writing them to let them know what a blessing they have been.

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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