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On Fire for Life| Week 9 Day| Learning to Be On Fire for Life!

Congratulations!!! We have made it to the last week of the On Fire for Life Series!

Learning to live a more holy and sacred life is not something most of us talk about or even think about on a regular basis, but as we review our work over the past 40 days this is exactly what we have been learning to do.

Let’s recap our work and learning from the past 8 weeks. It’s pretty unbelievable!

In Week 1 we learned to love a little deeper, a little more carefully, and a little more often by learning to take care of our own needs first, so that we can lovingly and joyfully engage with others.

In Week 2 we learned to ask for help and called on people who could assist us in our healing journey as we worked to move past negative emotions/feelings and get stronger.

During Week 3 we learned to be like a child and celebrate lovingly holding onto hope and joy in our lives.

In Week 4 we learned to be merciful and have a stronger understanding that one kind, one compassionate, one merciful act can change the direction of your day, even your life.

We learned that the power of words can positively influence our actions in Week 5.

During Week 6 we opened the door waiting and believing that God would bring us to a place of beauty, of hope, of light, and of love.

Learning to forgive during Week 7 taught us that we are strengthened as we learn to live in a cycle of peace and trust.

In Week 8 we learned to be joyful as we began to unwrap the joy in our hearts one layer at time.

As we move into Week 9, we are learning more about how to get on fire for life through thoughtful sacred practices. Click here for deeper work.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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