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On Fire For Life| Week 8 Day 5| Learning to Be Joyful

Joy is like the brightest beam from the sun warming our heart and setting it on fire! It’s like the the light from the lighthouse guiding us effortlessly, safely and quietly to our destination.

It comes from places; from moments we least expect it. It comes to us through songs, through dance, through the rhythm of the day. It comes to us through hugs and kisses, through the touchable moments in life. It comes to us through tears – happy or sad. It comes to us as we watch a mom with her baby or a dad with his son or daughter. It comes to us through the robust laughter of a child, echoing through our body. It comes during a sitcom or movie or maybe something that we have read. It connects us.

No matter where it comes from or how it comes, joy is what speaks to our heart.

Joy radiates – it fills the room with love and laughter. Joy calls us – almost beckoning us to join it. Let it in! Let it light up your world! Let it light up our world!

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All My Love,


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