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On Fire For Life|Week 8 Day 3|Learning to Be Joyful

One of the greatest gifts my mother has given me is learning to find joy in even the smallest of moments, the most difficult of circumstances.

She was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 19 and bravely made the choice to work to take care of herself and say no to temptation over and over again.

Growing up she made cookies, cakes, and oh so wonderful Congo squares. If we were not helping her, you can bet we were in close proximity to the kitchen ready to lick the spoon or the beaters. As I grew older, I recognized that never once did I see her taste the batter.

For years, on a daily basis, she walked the perimeter of the three-quarters of an acre that my parents’ old home was on.

She was able to manage her diabetic lifestyle through rest and discipline. As she aged though, it did not seem to matter what she did. Her body almost seemed to mock her. Yet, she continued. First controlling the disease through a pill, then insulin injections. And, amid her battle with diabetes she bravely fights heart-disease and battled breast cancer. She is one of the strongest women I know.

So, when my husband and I were first married and traveling back home on occasion, I would struggle to say goodbye when it was time to leave. She would take me into her arms and remind me to celebrate the joyful times that we were able to have together. She encouraged me to focus on the moments of love and laughter and to carry those with me until I was able to come home again.

What I did not realize then is that home is truly in our hearts. And as long as we continue to nurture our homes, build a fire in our homes, and take care of our homes, then our hearts will overflow with joy and we won’t have to travel far to be on fire for life.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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