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On Fire for Life|Week 8 Day 2| Learning to Be Joyful

Joy comes when you feel rested, successful, and fulfilled which is why it is important to establish and hold a daily routine sacred.

Routines are predictable and help us to maintain our focus. They help us to prioritize and bring comfort to our day. They help us to find rest and keep us in a positive mindset because we know what to expect next. They help us to carry a heavy load when we need to because they become almost a habit for us. They can provide welcome pacing to our day and sometimes give us insight into processes and procedures that we might not otherwise see.

So, let’s talk about one way to establish a routine:

Determine what it is that you want to accomplish each day.

Make a list of the things that must be done every day no matter what.

Feed the children

Help the children get dressed

Take the children to school

Feed the husband

Talk with the children

Talk with the husband

Talk with God

Feed the soul

Feed the body

Homework with the children

You get the idea. Of course, work-related activities should be included too. And, you might think I exaggerate by including a talk with the husband or feed the husband, but I have learned that if I am not deliberate in my plans for my daily routine that much gets missed.

There are so many other things that can get in the way of my plans and my family’s plans that can compromise our routine.

Once you have your daily list of things that must be done every day no matter what, then create a second list that contains weekly things that must be done no matter what.

Determine what day it would be best to do them and calculate them into your routine.

Then consider assigning times to the list of things. Some activities might be a little looser in timing than others, but remember you are working to fall into a regular schedule. And, you need room to breathe, so make sure to include that in your routine too.

Determine an absolute earliest time you are willing to wake every day and write that time at the top of your page. Then determine the absolute latest time you are willing to stay up. Be realistic. If your body is not going to last past 8:30 pm then you should be winding down by 8 pm. If you are never going to get up at 4 am. Then choose a later start to your day. This is your routine, determined by you. It is not for anyone else. It’s okay to set your own times, just be consistent.

Having an established routine will help you better schedule your day and when situations arise that will interrupt your routine you will be better equipped to determine if it is something you can say "Yes, I would love to" and work in as part of your day or if you need to say “I would love to, but not today.”

Ya’ll enjoy developing and following your routine and finding more and more joy in your day!

Have a beautiful one!

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All My Love,


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