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On Fire For Life| Week 4 Day 2| Learning to Be Merciful

Making our paths straight. This week we are giving pause and looking more intimately at the way in which we show mercy and compassion to one another.

Sometimes we get in a rush on the road or in the line at the grocery store and lose ourselves in our own frustrations. Maybe we are tired. Maybe we did not plan our time well and are trying to fit in just one more thing before we have to pick up or drop off the kids. Maybe we are distracted by our list of “To Do’s” and forget ourselves. Whatever the reason is there can be times when we do not behave in a way that is either kind or merciful, but more along the lines of a raging lion or bear.

This week I want to encourage you to give pause to the moments before you interact with other people, especially in high stress situations and ask God to cover you. Ask him to be able to help you to discern how to react when you are pressed against the wall and need to speak up for yourself, but do not want to behave in such a way as to make the situation worse. Ask him to guide your steps as you wait for people in line at the grocery store or in traffic. Ask him to help you see where you need to plan better in your own schedule. Ask him to tame the raging lion and quiet the bear. Ask Him to be merciful.

Then breathe in and give pause to the life that you want to live --- one filled with kindness and mercy.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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