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On Fire For Life|Week 4 Day 1| Learning to be Merciful

Funny, how life is. Sometimes we get settled into a routine and all it takes one phone call, one doctor's visit, one slip up and soon we find ourselves in a crazy world. It's amazing at times how quickly life can shift.

Learning to me compassionate, kind, forgiving, and merciful can take truly take effort at times, but just as fast as one phone call, one doctor's visit, one slip up can send us into a world of crazy, so can one kind, one compassionate, one merciful act bring great joy, comfort and peace. It can change the direction of your day, even your life.

I think about my husband, as I write. He truly made a life altering, life changing decision by going to get help and consistently showing up for his counseling appointments. There are so many gifts he has given me as he has grown stronger and is healing, but one of the greatest is the tiny roses that he picks from our rose bush by our front door. The fact that it's the only flowering plant that has managed to survive is a miracle in itself, but even more so is the fact that the roses went unpicked for 11 years until this year. It's a very small gesture, but what comes along with it is a gesture in a size that I cannot even describe --- it's a kind, compassionate act, that is usually followed with kind, compassionate words and a want to bring happiness to my day and is a beautiful expression of his love for me.

I don't always get to stop what I am doing to truly acknowledge how much that one kind, compassionate act means, but it always brings me great pause and is gentle reminder of my priorities - faith and family - everything else will follow.

This week, consider thinking about ways that you can be kinder, more compassionate, and more merciful in your life. Then do it!

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All my love, Jen

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