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On Fire For Life|Week 3 Day 5| Be Like A Child

There is a plan in place for each of us. It’s a pretty simple plan, let Him lead. I have a plan on my refrigerator. It tells me the four areas I need to concentrate on for work. It tells me the two areas I need to concentrate on for Get Strong with Jen!. It provides me with a few other details about my life. It’s not exactly what I had planned for my life, but it is simple. “Follow the plan,” I hear Him say. "Everything else will fall into place."

A few days ago, I had an incredible reminder about how important following the plan is. My family sat in front of me laughing and carrying on as they played a board game together, but I sat typing away for Get Strong with Jen! with plans to start working on grading and an idea I had to help my students. I sat completely disconnected because I was allowing all of my creative energy and ideas to consume me. In that moment, I realized I was completely lost and out of alignment. I didn’t like it.

I finished typing up what I wanted to write for my blog and made a list of what I needed to focus on the next day at work. Then sat down with my family to play. I got up early the next morning to sit with God in prayer. I needed Him to guide me because I felt so much pressure for everything that I wanted to accomplish. I needed to know how to proceed. “Stick to the plan,” I heard him say. So, I went back to the refrigerator for a little reminder of what the plan was. I smiled, shook my head, and said "Okay, God I got ya. I don't like it, but I got ya."

I will admit I fought with God that morning in prayer --- there are some things that I really want to do, but He tells me that the time is not right.

He showed me this week that when I stick to His plan, everything falls into place. There has been movement and shifting in our family that continues to surprise me every day. There has been movement and shifting in my daily practices at work that continue to amaze me. My schedule feels more flexible and open. I am better rested and feel better equipped to handle the shifts that sometimes happen in life. I am at peace.

He tells me that there is a very specific plan and a very specific purpose for my life. He tells me to listen, to trust, to let go and allow Him to lead. Be still, he says.

So, I try to listen.

Just like our children try to listen to us. Sometimes it works out, other times, I am thankful that God is an ever loving, ever forgiving parent and gives me the time that I need to grow and learn while holding my hand every step of the way. 😊

This week’s activity for the soul encourages us to be like a child asking questions and genuinely getting excited about sharing our lives. Sit down with God and tell him about your life, your struggles, what you are thankful for. Pray. Then, sit and listen.

There is a very specific plan and very specific purpose for YOU!

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All My Love,


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