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On Fire For Life|Week 2 Day 5| Activity for the Soul

There is something so refreshing, so exciting, so calming, so grounding about standing in front of the mirror and reminding yourself over and over again about all the good that is in you.

As I write, there a two scenes from television and the movies that come to mind. The first, from The Help where the young maid sits with the little girl and reminds her "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

The second is a scene from Friends when Rachel's dad stands in front of the mirror and talks to himself "Just relax Paul you are doing great... because you are a neat guy. You are the man! Still got it. Still sexy. You're just a love machine" and then the dancing ensues. You can't help, but laugh and smile when you watch it.

So, you probably won't be on television or in the movies, but you can certainly still have a blast in front of the mirror. And, if you have a child in your life make sure to take time this week to remind them about how important they are.

If you have not created your positive affirmation card, yet take some time to do that this week. The activity for the soul from Week 1 and Week 2 are connected, so make sure to review both.

Ya'll take care! Have a wonderful week! Get on fire for life!

All my love,


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