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My Dearest Daughters

A few months ago, texts were exchanged, things were mentioned and as a result, I have been working on a letter to both of you as you requested. The final version is way shorter than where it first began. YOU'RE WELCOME! 😁

My Dearest Daughters,

I would love to tell you that life will always be filled with sunshine and rainbows (love), but the fact is that at times you will come up against challenges and hurts that will bring you to your knees and you will want to stay there for a very long time. Sometimes you may even wonder how or why you ended up at this point.

Is there something you could have done different? What did you do to deserve??? Why did God choose you to carry this?

In some instances, yes you could have done things different, made better choices. In other instances, there is not much that you could have done. It just is.

Regardless, life can always be filled with sunshine and rainbows (love) if you choose to bring it with you if you choose to allow it to live within you!

So, my beautiful, beautiful daughters:

May you always know how far and wide and deep God’s love for you is.

May you always understand that He walks with you, sits beside you, rests with you, and is just a thought, a word, a moment, a reach away.

May you always seek his guidance and rest, trusting that He is handling situations for you that you do not even know about.

May you always know that He did not promise us a trouble-free life, but a life filled with hope and love.

May you always know that He did not promise us a life without challenges, but a life filled with grace and mercy.

May you always understand that when you wait on God and cast your nets as he directs your boat will overflow with sustenance.

May your heart always be prepared and open to receive all that His love, grace, and mercy have to offer you.

May you always understand that your faith and family are priority.

May you always find one hour in each day to spend talking with our Lord and in silence listening.

May you come to see God as your life partner inviting you to grow closer and closer in love each day.

5 Things to Do Each Day:

1) CONSECRATE yourself, your family, your finances, and your work for the day to God. Ask Him to lead, guide, and direct every moment, every decision and stop to check-in with him throughout the day. Speak to him from your heart. Then Listen.

2) STOP and check-in with yourself throughout the day. Review your calendar and “To Do” list and say “Lord, I want to be in alignment with your plans for me. Is my planner and are my plans for today in alignment with you?” Then listen. Adjust if necessary and move forward.

3) LIFT every day. I know both of you are shaking your heads. Trust me on this. 😉 You do not have to lift a lot of weight, but you should challenge yourself. It is good for you and it helps you to better gauge where you are mentally.

4) WALK every day. You need at least 30 minutes preferably without music or interruption. Just the singing of the birds and whistling of the breeze. And maybe your own whistling too. 😉

5) SMILE! Every morning look in the mirror and smile. Smile as much as you can throughout the day. Smile even when you find it difficult to SMILE!

Ladies, as I think about your dreams and the dreams that your Dad and I have for you, I am reminded that you are both incredibly strong, incredibly thoughtful, incredibly grounded young ladies and you bring so much light, love, and laughter into our home. Hold onto your dreams and hold onto the light, love, and laughter as you move forward. I am honored to be your mom and love you both so incredibly much!

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All my Love,


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