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Lean Into PTSD - Day 3 of Prayer

When you have PTSD even the smallest decisions can sometimes feel like a mountainous climb. Simple things like deciding what to cook for dinner, what to wear for the day, or what to complete on the “To Do” list can become overwhelming. So let’s talk about some ways to get going and keep going despite how you are feeling.

Waking up to a catchy tune can set you on a joyful path for the day. In addition, minimizing the decisions that you need to make each day can help too. Spend some quiet time with our Lord early in the day. Though you may be dealing with some heavy issues, just being there with him can provide nourishment for your spirit. Minimize the amount of tasks that you need to do to start your day. Determine what you plan to wear the night before if possible. Set out any medications that you will need. If you have small children prepare their lunches, clothing, snacks and school bags the night before too. 

Post reminders around the house that God is there, that He loves you, and is available to you 24/7. These reminders could come in the form of a sticky note. Brightly colored ones naturally bring more joy. They could include a prayer, scripture or verse or something like “I am here” - Love, God could be a helpful reminder. A collection of natural elements pleasantly displayed can also be a good reminder.

Identify a space in or around your home that is for you and God. This space is a special place for you and God meant to bring you comfort while you openly and honestly share about your life. Your hopes and dreams, your unmet expectations, your frustrations, and the things that you wonder about will all be kept here. It is a safe and holy space. It's like having a conversation with an old friend - you can laugh, cry, and just enjoy each other's company. It's a chance to refresh your mind and your heart. Try to keep this space free of clutter, so that you are not tempted to work or focus on other things. God absolutely loves uninterrupted time with you.

You could include a Bible, prayer or holy cards, a journal, or paper and a pen. Write or draw or do whatever comes to mind as you pray and spend time with Jesus. Having a table in the space is nice because it gives you space to bring in your coffee or tea, provides space to write and is a helpful reminder that you are there to be nourished and fed. 

You never know what you might learn, plus there is a good chance you will have lots of laughs. Regardless, allow His love to flow through you. Embrace His presence, open your heart and be willing to receive all that He has for you. Enjoy this precious time with Him.

Then listen to the plans that He has for you. For every single one of us He has “plans to prosper [us] and not to harm [us], plans to give [us] hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11. His plan may challenge you. At points it may even bring you to your knees. Don’t stop praying. Ask God to cover you. Ask Him to help you to keep coming back. Ask Him to keep nourishing you more and more each time you come back.

Being able to look back, see, and reflect on all God has done is such a beautiful experience. Even where there was pain and hurt, to see the goodness that came. To see and know that God was there. He always has been. He is always waiting and always listening. Trust in Him and trust that He will provide everything you need.

Lord, thank you so much for helping me to identify a space in my home where I can pray and just be with you. Thank you for helping me to walk with more peace, trust, strength, and discipline. Heavenly Father, where I am weak, You are strong. Show me where in my life I could use a lift. Show me where in my life that I can lift up others. Thank you Lord, for waiting for me and being ready to always listen during my daily routine. Thank you for all the gifts that you have given to us. We are forever yours. Amen.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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