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Lean into PTSD - Day 15 of Prayer

Most of us have heard the stories about how moths were once so prevalent that they would get into closets and storage spaces and eat away at clothing, blankets, and papers, which is why most of our grandmothers owned a cedar chest and often used mothballs. 

The smell between the two was so overpowering that it kept the moths at bay.

Today, we will talk about a different type of moth that we all carry: Matters of the Heart. Our matters of the heart can sometimes be like a moth, eating away at our peace and joy. The good news is we do not need those pungent smelling mothballs to help us work through these inner struggles; only Jesus. 

He can help us heal matters of the heart that are sometimes so hurtful and broken that only God can bring peace. He can help us to overcome matters of the heart that cause us to spring or spiral backwards with just one tiny mention of a name, a song, a place, a sound, or a smell. He can help us to take a deep breath when matters of the heart feel like a blow to the chest. Our Lord stops our acceleration in the spiral and even in the midst of a storm, is right there with us. Our matters are important to Him. We are important to Him. He wants to know what we want out of life. He wants us to ask questions and seek His help. He loves to comfortably and peacefully address our needs when we turn to Him. 

When PTSD is present though, at times it can feel like God isn’t there, like He doesn’t care. Life can feel hopeless and like it is not going to change. We can fall into a place of blame. He didn’t save me from my trauma- from the hurt and pain. Why would my requests, my matters of the heart matter to Him? 

This is anything, but the truth. God did not tell us that life would be easy and without pain. Instead, He tells us that “when [we] pass through raging waters, [He] will be with [us]” Isaiah 43:2. Our requests can sometimes feel like they have fallen on deaf ears, especially when the situation is unchanged. Why don’t I feel better? Why do I feel worse? Do I even matter? Does He even care?

The short-answer is that God told us “I am the Lord your God…and covered you in the shadow of my hand… you are my people” Isaiah 51:15-16. We are God’s people and regardless of whether we see it, He works day and night to protect us. He tells us that He has “loved [us] with an everlasting love.” He has called us “by name” (Isaiah 43:1) and we are His. 

God 100% wants us. He wants to help us and sanctify us. He is not necessarily going to hand us the life we want, but He certainly works in our favor time and time again. He knows the plans that He has for us. Jeremiah 29:11.

Resting with Him and allowing Him to cover us with His grace, mercy and love knowing that we don’t have to say or do anything helps us to invite Him into our work over and over again.

Our work may not change, the environment might still look the same, but as our heart begins to shift we begin to experience more joy despite our circumstances. A joy that knows no bounds. A joy that we can tap into and share with others. As we give our Lord more space in everything we think, say, and do, our joy also increases.

Heavenly Father, thank you for managing our matters of the heart. We know that our circumstances may not completely change, but we trust in Your timing. Lord, thank you for helping us to walk with peace knowing that you are mending our heart and soul.  Thank you for providing us with a joy that knows no bounds. Thank you for all the gifts that you have given to us. We are forever yours. Amen.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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