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Jump Into the Day Yearning for Better Life!

For several years there was a fictitious answer posted online to one of our English tests that involved a purple elephant which does not exist in the story.

As teachers we like to entertain ourselves by betting against one another to see who receives the purple elephant first. Although we joke with one another, the end result for the student can be detrimental to their academic success and far from a laughable situation.

While they can receive the gift of a second chance; it can compromise their academic integrity and can potentially put them at risk for academic probation.

Which begs the question: Why do students submit work that is not their own?

The answer to this question will require a different article, but in part they are searching for a better life. Well, at the moment they want a better grade.

So, the next question is: Why do they go online in search of the answer instead of using the story? The simple answer is that it is faster.

But is it the truth? Is it what really happened in the story? Is the entire reason that a student plagiarized or cheated because it is faster? The simple answer is “no.”

I use this example to help illustrate my point because I think many times this is what we do in search of a better life.

We turn to the wrong resources and wrong places because in short it is faster and easier. The space in our heart is filled temporarily, just like the purple elephant fills in the blank for the student. Then we get caught either by our own guilt and shame or someone calls us out or worse we avoid dealing with the issue and our best life suddenly falls apart.

Yearning for a better life requires us to seek the truth from reputable resources, from those that speak, know, and understand the truth and through prayer and supplication.

The purple elephant seems like much fun and could certainly make for an interesting story, but it is not the story. It is not the truth.

So, when you are yearning for a better life consider carrying your purple elephant to the foot of the cross and sit with it there. It is in this place, in the quiet, and the stillness that you will learn the truth and how to best proceed. It is here that you will find peace and a life that can far exceed anything that you could have ever expected.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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