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Jump into the Day with a Bonus!

God gave me a bonus when he gave me these people. They are the heart and soul of who I am. They drive most of the decisions that I make and influence me in their own ways. They may not have always agreed with the decisions I made, but they love me anyway.

These people are my family!

When God gives us a family he does so with the intent that we will be protected and loved much like he protects and loves us. He does so with the plan that we will lead, guide, and support one another. That we will serve as a strong example to one another.

Most families consist of grandparents, parents and siblings, but some families get the bonus of great-grandparents and even great-great grandparents. These are people who have lived through nearly a 100 years of life and have incredible knowledge and wisdom about the way in which to live. They understand life in ways many of us have yet to experience. They are, after all, great! They are a bonus to cherish.

In addition, to our own family many of us eventually inherit another bonus. The family that we marry into. What’s neat about this bonus is that we never know what we might get. It’s also a bonus that we get to choose and decide how we want to spend it. Sometimes our bonus comes with more than we expected. They may add a little more excitement to our life, they may take us down roads we never knew existed, they may challenge us, and cause us to cuss a little.

But then one day we realize that our bonus family looks very much like the bonus family we received when we were born. And, we recognize that we are all people after all.

People who make mistakes. People who deserve forgiveness. People who need to feel love. People who need to feel safe. People who love to get a bonus!

So, jump into the day with your bonus! Jump into the day with family!

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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