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I Know He is There

One of the greatest gifts our former parish priest, Monsignor Barzyk, gave us was that he said once “God is not above us. He is not below us. He is all around us.” I don’t exactly remember what he talked about after that, but I have carried those words with me in my heart from a young age.

He was right. God is definitely all around us.

When I look up and see the sun on a bright day, or the clouds on a stormy day, I know He is there.

When I look up into the clear night sky and see the moon and stars or on a cloudy night and stare into the dark abyss, I know He is there.

When I look down to see and feel the lush green grass tickle my feet or feel the hot sand warm the soles of my feet, I know He is there.

When I look down to see an earthworm slowly emerge from the soil or a bright green lizard rustle the foliage, I know He is there.

When I look around me and see smiles and laughter or tears of pain, I know He is there.

When I look around and feel the light touch of air across my hair or rain pour over my face, I know He is there.

In the warmth

In the rain

In the clear

In the cloudiness

In the plenty

In the drought

In life

In death

In the joy

In the pain

In the wind

In the rain

I know He is there.

Consider sitting here with God for a moment. Then look around and write down everywhere you see Him. Take in a deep breath and SMILE!

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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