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HOPE is only one beat away

Hope is waiting on God even when we don’t understand.

Hope is peaceful and productive even when it feels like chaos.

Hope moves us forward even if it looks like we are moving backwards.

Hope shows up every time we call.

Hope opens the door.

Hope is active and engaged.

Hope is quiet.

Hope knows that God has a plan.

Hope heals.

Hope understands.

Hope listens.

Hope opens our eyes.

Hope is silly and fun.

Hope finds time.

Hope accepts.

Hope leads.

Hope celebrates.

Hope holds your hand.

Hope is a gift that we can easily share.

Hope is sent to lend a hand.

Hope guides.

Hope provides.

Hope requires no bows or special wrap, only a small bit of time, a listening ear, a quick “squeeze” and a beating heart.

Hope is only one beat away — catch it’s rhythm today!

Ya’ll have a beautiful one!

All My Love,


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