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Finding Peace in Your Workout

Falling into a rhythm when you are training your body is important. Muscle memory actually builds up fairly quickly and working out around the same time each day helps to keep your body in alignment.

In addition, your mental health and well-being are also positively impacted.

To help you find more peace as you workout consider the following:

Clear your mind. I like to workout early in the morning when I am fresh or after a quick nap. My mind is usually the most clear at those points. I tend to get the most benefit from my workouts when I am well rested.

Breathe deeply. Regardless of the workout you choose, consider stopping to take in a few deep breaths throughout the workout. Deep breathing helps your body to relax in one way, but tighten in another which will help propel you further.

Track your workout. Logging your workouts each day will help you to gauge how you are doing. Include the time of day you worked out, how you were feeling mentally and physically and how you performed.

Plan ahead. Once you finish a workout stop to plan the next workout. Look ahead at the next workout day to determine if you need to switch workout times or work around other obstacles that may present themselves. Knowing what you are going to be doing next helps you to prepare your mind in advance.

Use a measurable type of training. For example, when you lift weights you know exactly how much weight you put on the bar and how many repetitions you do. Noting how you are doing mentally and physically will help you understand better the conditions that you work best under.

If you start to wane or feel weak during a workout try to do a quick check-in with yourself:

Did I drink enough water today?

Did I eat today?

Have I been eating healthy foods?

How many hours has it been since I last ate?

Am I getting enough protein?

Did I get enough sleep?

Am I breathing deeply during my workouts?

Is there anything that changed in my workout routine?

When possible take a moment to stop to drink water, eat, or get in a quick nap before your workout or adjust your breathing during a workout if necessary. Log your answers to the questions above in your workout log and adjust your routine as necessary.

Finally, one of the most important components of finding peace in your workouts is to:

SMILE. Stop at least once, maybe a few times to smile during your workout. Regardless of how you feel, how tired you are, or how heavy the load is, smiling will help to re-energize you and help the load to feel a little lighter.

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All My Love,


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