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Drink More Water!

There are countless articles written about the importance of drinking water and how it helps your body. I could talk about the science behind it all, but I think I will concentrate on what I have observed and experienced with regard to drinking water over the years.

When I was in my twenties, I drank water because it was good for you. It was my main source of hydration. My body was young, so when I did not drink enough there seemed to be little impact or no consequence.

Moving into my thirties, I drank water because I had children and wanted them to learn the importance of drinking water. My coffee habit kicked in though because grading research papers can sometimes be harder than writing a research paper. And, sweet tea became my life line because I just cannot resist a good glass of sweet tea. I drank water, but again I saw little connection to the way that I felt and the lack of water, although, I did notice that more and more doctors would ask about how much water I was drinking. And, articles about nutrition and exercise often talked about the importance of water before, during, and after working out.

Heading into my forties, I started noticing things. Things like my legs and arms hurting when they normally should not. Headaches every now and again. Being exhausted and just wiped out. And, in the back of my mind I began to hear a small voice that said “you need water, my dear.” And, so I would drink a glass of water and then another and soon I would notice that I felt better.

Soon we started visiting with a nutritionist and on our first visit she measured our water intake. She asked “Do you ever feel tired? Constipated? Get headaches? Experience insomnia? Low energy?”

I did not answer yes to all, but a few. She said “drink more water. You will lose weight too.” And, so I have. And, on days when I feel unusually exhausted, aching, or in pain I reflect back on my water intake and usually arrive at the idea that I need more water. Immediately, I drink a full bottle of water and usually follow it with one more bottle before I drink anything else.

Some aches and pains are more complicated than others, but sometimes it can be as simple as refueling your body with an additional glass or two of water.

Consider taking a moment today to ask yourself, am I drinking enough water? If you arrive at the idea that you might not be, challenge yourself to add two extra glasses of water to your day each day.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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