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30 Days of Prayer to Heal PTSD - Day 9

Lord, today we want to thank you for the feeling of pain. We know that when we are in pain, when we are hurting that is an indication that something is wrong. It is not an indication that we are broken beyond measure, just a sign Lord that we should stop and listen to our body. Thank you for walking with us as we work to accurately assess the pain that we are in. Is it fixable or curable with something as simple as an antibacterial agent and a bandage or do we require something more? Lord, today we pray for all people in pain that they can accurately assess what the cause of their pain is and determine next steps. We pray specifically for all those with PTSD who have been working to rip off the band aid and get down to the heart of the matter. Lord, we pray that they experience a breakthrough so incredible, so amazing this week that their lives will never look the same. Thank you so much God! We love you!

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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