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30 Days of Prayer to Heal PTSD - Day 8

Beautiful day Lord! Thank you for reminding us that we are capable of building a marvelous world for ourselves and those around us. Thank you for reminding us that when we are courageous enough to confront our demons, to walk in the darkness for a few moments that amazing growth is possible. Thank you for Your AMAZING grace! Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters who recognize that they are struggling and want to confront their demons because they want a better life for themselves, that they will become so filled with Your spirit, that they find the strength that they need to walk in their darkness for a few moments with the help of a trained professional or mentor who can guide them, so that they can move forward with peace filled with Your light and love. Lord, we pray that as You walk with us on our journey to heal PTSD that we become stronger better people trusting that you are leading and directing our lives. Thank you, Lord! We love you!

Have a beautiful day y’all!

All My Love,


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