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30 Days of Prayer to Heal PTSD - Day 5

Lord, we pray that You take us by the hand and walk with us each day as we strive to find inner-peace, trust ourselves, provide a safe place for others to lean, and hold ourselves accountable. We are incredibly thankful to be on this journey of retraining our brain to find peace, trust, strength, and discipline in our lives. We love you!

I shared earlier this week the speech our oldest daughter wrote from her perspective about our journey with PTSD. She referenced a powerpoint that she created. This is the information that she included on the powerpoint.


Peace, Trust, Strength, Discipline

The following is an elaboration of the acronym that was created to give PTSD a positive name.

Peace, if you can find peace within your inner self then you will most likely be able to learn how to find peace in other things

For example: Uncomfortable situations, negative situations

Trust, if you can trust yourself it will allow you to open up and be more accepting of others who have your trust, but you may not necessarily have theirs.

Strength, strength is a big one because if you have the strength to carry yourself then you can slowly learn how to carry others when they are in a rough patch in life. You can be there for them and be someone they can lean on when they are feeling down.

Discipline, if you can discipline yourself and hold yourself accountable then you have the ability of doing great things. Discipline takes a lot of effort and if you have learned how to deal with your mental health and you can discipline your actions then you will be on the long road to success.

Consider taking a moment today to ask: Is there something in my life that would help me to move forward if I could reframe it? Once you identify it, consider sitting with it for a bit and thinking about the positive elements of the issue. Then write down what those elements are and consider reading them each day until you completely believe and internalize the positive outcomes.

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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