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30 Days of Prayer to Heal PTSD - Day 27

Stand firm in faith. Do everything in love.

We have all heard those beautiful sayings “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” or “When life hands you lemons, make a gin and tonic.” They seem to take what we see as a sour issue and spin it into something amazing!

I wonder though…

What if we planted the lemons? Or maybe more specifically -- What if we cut the lemon, made the drink, then planted the seeds to grow a lemon tree?

The process of growing a tree or really growing any sort of plant is fairly simple. We plant it in the dirt, then cover it with the dirt, then water it. Sometimes we might put some extra fertilizer, talk to them or sit next to them, but at a certain point we walk away and we let nature take over.

What about those circumstances in our lives, those moments that can sometimes seem sour? Could we do the same with those? Could we plant them firmly in faith, love them and walk away? Then let God do the work?

Lord, thank you for the reminder that we can turn any circumstance no matter how big or small into something precious and beautiful! Lord, thank you for the reminder that we can speak life, grow life, bring life into any situation no matter how big or small. Thank you for teaching us how to retrain our brain to find peace, trust, strength and discipline in all that we do. What an incredible gift You gave us Lord! Thank you! We love you!

Have a beautiful day y’all!

All My Love,


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