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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD- Day 23

Believe in Discipline.

There are moments in most everyone’s life that can be filled with pain and disappointment, but when you have PTSD those moments can feel incredibly intense. The death of a loved one, hearing a traumatic news story, witnessing a car accident can trigger a past trauma and cause you to behave erratically. You might be unable to process your thoughts and emotions and get caught in a cycle of wanting to fix or change a situation. In those moments, it is important to have someone who you can call who can listen and speak truth to you.

Lord, we know that there will be moments throughout our life that will be filled with pain and disappointment, we want to thank you Lord for already being there. Thank you for being willing to show up and stay with us to listen and speak truth into our lives. In addition, Lord thank you so much for sending people into our lives who are willing to do the same. Lord, when we are unable to process or understand a situation we pray your loving hands touch our heart and help us to be at peace in that moment.

Consider staying right here for a moment:

Where could you use God’s hands right now? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Give Him a call today! Let Him know how you are doing. Then listen.

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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