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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD – Day 19

Standing with strength.

When you have PTSD there can be moments when standing with strength or even really standing at all just seems so daunting. You can fall into places of extreme darkness, depression, and sadness. There are no words to describe how you feel because honestly you do not even realize or notice that you are feeling anything. Your body hurts, but you do not even really notice until the pain becomes almost unbearable because after all you have been living with pain for so long it is hard for you to feel anything else. It is easier to keep your eyes closed or throw on sunglasses and walk unnoticed than to interact with other people. In moments like this we want to encourage you to keep your eyes open. Keep your heart open. We know you have been hurt before, but this time you are healing. The people close to you have been living and learning with you. Life looks different for all of you. It has not really changed, but the way you look at it has because you have been standing with strength. You have been standing with God!

Lord, we want to thank you for standing with us. There have been times in the past where it felt like you were not there or even listening, but we recognize now that during those times you were pulling us incredibly close to you. Sometimes you even carried us. Most importantly Lord, we recognized that you never let go.

Keeping your eyes open especially when your life feels like a roller coaster ride can be incredibly difficult to do. Take a moment to stand with strength here:

In what ways have you seen God present in the twists and turns and jagged jolts that life can sometimes bring: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In what ways could you use His support in the current twists and turns of your life now: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Living life on a roller coaster can certainly be a thrill, but it can also cause you or the people around you to experience many unsettling and even scary moments. We encourage you to leave the roller coaster rides at the amusement park. Enjoy them while you are there, but step back onto solid ground and into peace, trust, strength and discipline in everyday life.

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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