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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD – Day 16

Standing with strength

Living with PTSD can be frightening at points. At times it can feel like you are stuck in a hole and dragging yourself under. In those moments it’s incredibly hard to envision anything beyond the darkness that you are in. With much guidance and practice it is possible to learn to stand with strength and envision yourself as a strong and mighty oak, which can help to calm the storm when you are triggered.

Lord, today we pray for strength to ask for help in those moments when we are frightened or feel like we are dragging ourselves further into darkness. We pray that we are able to hold our ground and stay steady for the work that you are calling us to do this day. And, most especially Lord, where there is stress from trauma that you replace it with peace, trust, strength and discipline.

For a moment stand with strength here:

Ask God to show you where you have been like a strong and mighty tree - staying grounded in spite of the storm:


Ask Him to show you where you may be like a sapling - being wavered or even snapping in the storm:


Then spend some time with Him visiting about how you can become like a mighty tree on a consistent basis.

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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