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10 ways to live a healthier life

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Profound wisdom headed your way... it's been heavily researched for 42 years. For those of you who believe this information was seriously researched you cannot believe everything you read on the internet. There is no research behind this. Just a girl sitting in her sanctuary trying to shine a little light on the world.

1) SMILE ALL.DAY.LONG. --- smile so much that people wonder what the heck is wrong with you. And, when they ask what drug you are on --- just tell them you're on fire for life!

2) Talk to yourself ---- just go with me on this --- in those moments where you feel like the world might be closing in on you --- talk to yourself --- you don’t have to do it out loud. It does feel great, though. Simply, reroute those negative thoughts in your head – shut them down ---- and get strong with Jesus. Fill your head with His voice! Okay, well maybe it is not exactly all that simple, but become a parrot --- pete and repeat --- every single time a negative thought enters your mind don't stop talking to yourself until it's gone!

3) Post positive/scripture reminders in your home and office in prominent places – the kitchen cupboard, the front door, above your computer, etc. Take a moment each day to jump into the day with them --- some days it might be good to read them more than once.

4) Dial up God and all of his angels and saints (somehow I hear this in Billy Bob’s voice from Varsity Blues --- “I figured I’d give’em a holler” --- know what I am talking about? If you don’t google it.) --- I am sure they will appreciate the call. Get strong with Jesus!

5) Eat a poppyseed kolache or saltine crackers, with sugar and milk (don’t knock it until you try it – I like it crunchy though, so I make a small bowl and eat fast. My grandpa liked to let them soak.) --- of course any of your favorite comfort foods will do.

6) Hold in your heart all the joyous/happy memories and pull them forward when you need them. Journal a line or two each day. This will help you to recall them later. Remember The Notebook?

7) HUG yourself --- that’s right! Put your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder and squeeeeeze. If your not comfortable with this just think of it as a stretch – it certainly helps to stretch your shoulders and upper back. Try it! I dare you…

8) Sip on hot tea with lemon, cinnamon, and honey --- and if you are feeling froggy drop in a little whiskey. Nothing like a little sunshine and whiskey to keep you healthy!

9) Go outside and stand in the sun. Just let it warm you – breathe in deep a few times – close your eyes and just be present. Let God's love radiate through you. SMILE and look towards the SON!

10) Find a rose bush and literally stop to smell the roses. Breathe in deep and let their scent fill the air around you.

I hope you laughed at least once while you were reading this. Remember life is not always sunshine and rainbows, but when you are surrounded by love there can certainly be sunshine and rainbows in every day! Embrace the love, hold on to the joy, and live with peace. Have a beautiful day ya'll!

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