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On Fire For Life|Week 5 Day 4| The Power of Words

Simple activity for the body today SMILE!

SMILE! Today look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am beautiful and when I smile, I can feel the sunshine through me.” Say it and practice smiling until you see your smile grow brighter and brighter and you feel the sun’s rays radiating from you. Feel God’s love surround you and SMILE even brighter!

And, if you are using the workbook pages and want to sketch out what is in your heart then click here.

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All My Love,


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*The smiling avocado picture was chosen especially for my youngest daughter who calls avocados -- "aveedos." There are many words that carry special meanings for us -- this one is special to our family because it brings much love and laughter and of course - guacamole!😉


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