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On Fire For Life| Week 2 Day 2| Asking for Help| Activity for the Heart

Anything is possible when your heart is healing. Today we are going to spend a bit more time learning how to ask for help, a bit more time retraining our brain and looking at our trauma from a different perspective.

In today's activity for the heart click here, you are going to identify 5 people in your life past or present who you would trust to assist you in your past trauma had they known about it. Before you can truly begin to heal; however, it is important to ensure you are currently in a safe environment. If you are not please consider separating yourself from a negative situation.

Consider the perspective from each of the 5 people on your list. What would they have said? What would they have done? How would they have helped you? If they had known about your situation, how would your situation look different?

Remember that you are not currently living in the trauma. The anxieties and fears that sometimes creep in were cultivated long ago. You are in control now and it is important to understand that although, you were hurt, you no longer have to live in the hurt and are moving toward peace.

You are at the beginning of rewriting the traumatic experience that you have held in your heart for so long. Let yourself breathe. Let yourself cry. Let yourself get angry. It is okay. Each day you are growing stronger and more and more on fire for life! Soon you will come to a peaceful place heart, mind, body and soul.

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All my love,


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