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Jump Into the Day with Strength!

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Beautiful morning! As I jump into the day I smile and find strength in the beautiful visuals flowing through my mind.

The first is of a woman who is fighting cancer with everything she has. She has lost all her hair and wears a scarf to protect her head. She is smiling and beautiful, but underneath she is worn down. Yet, she shows up to her chemo treatments day after day giving her life everything she has. She musters up every bit of strength she must; not only show up for herself, but to show up for every single person she loves. She shares her love with women and men like her, as she waits for her treatment each day. She doesn’t necessarily feel like visiting today, but as she begins to talk and they begin to share their stories she begins to feel better and better, stronger and stronger. She is deeply loved and so incredibly strong!

The second, is a visual of a young girl lifting weights. She isn’t necessarily lifting because it feels good, but because she knows it is good for her body. She does it because she wants to get strong, she wants to be strong, she knows that she is strong and wants to get stronger. She does it because her body needs it, because her body craves it. She does it not so much for herself, but so that she can show up for other people. She is valued and so incredibly strong!

And, finally there is the oak tree with its mighty trunk. It is grounded and strongly rooted in nourishing soil. It’s branches stretch wide and reach towards the sun. It is here that she breathes in, stands tall, and feels the strength of the world around her. It is here that she is reminded that she is deeply loved, valued, and incredibly strong. It is here that she can jump into the day with strength!

I would love for you to jump into every day feeling strong and would like to encourage you to take a moment to consider and perhaps respond to the questions below in a journal:

When you think about jumping into the day with strength, what do you see? What experiences have you had that have made you feel incredibly strong? What experiences have made you feel deeply loved and valued? Where is it that you are your strongest?

As you reflect, my greatest hope for you is that you will find much strength in your life and that you are able to breathe it in, and truly know that you are deeply loved and valued!

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

Much Love,


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