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Jump Into the Day with A Smile!

Mother Teresa reminded us “Smile at each other. Smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other- it doesn't matter who it is- and that will help to grow up in greater love for each other.”

I want to encourage you to wake up every morning with a smile! Even on days when it is hard to smile stand in front of the mirror and smile and if tears come, smile harder and longer and let them come. That is your smile healing and becoming even more radiant than it already is.

I could go on and on about the importance of a smile, but the fact is it just makes you feel good. When you feel good you feel happier and healthier and when you feel happy and healthy you tend to be better focused and more productive. When you are better focused and more productive you tend to want to smile more. Do you see the cycle we are going for here? A smiling, happier, healthier you!

And, if you are smiling, happier, and healthier than most likely those around you are too. And, doesn’t it feel great to be surrounded by smiling, happy, healthy people who are filled with love!

So, as you step outside today look up to the sky and SMILE one of those big ol’ smiles --- you know you have one --- take in a deep breath and get ready for a beautiful day!

Ya’ll have fun!

Much Love,


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