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Jump Into the Day Skipping!

Just this past week I watched a little girl skipping down the sidewalk as her Mom held her hand. It brought such joy to my heart and a smile to my face just observing such an act.

For a moment I remembered how I loved to skip when I was younger and especially how I loved to skip with my daughters when they were younger. Over time my skip has become almost exaggerated for fear of tripping over my own two feet, but somehow it brings me even greater joy and so much laughter to those around me.

Watching that little girl with her bright yellow shirt and bright yellow mask to match looked like the sunshine for a moment. Her skipping reminded me to pause for a moment to enjoy the warmth around me, to pause and remember all the love that surrounds me.

For a moment I was reminded of what life was like when I was a child. For a moment I was reminded of what life was like when my daughters were younger. For a moment my heart was warmed even more by a little girl who skipped by. She will never know the impression she made or the life that she touched that day, but I will carry her sunshine with me.

So, jump into the day skipping. You never know the impact that your sunshine might carry.

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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