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Jump into the day like GI Jane!

Bravery, courage, determination these are words that we typically associate with the men and women who work to defend our freedom and keep us safe and protected each day.

Though, when I think of jumping into the day like GI Jane, I think about the way in which she carries herself. Even in the most intolerable of circumstances she is incredibly strong and poised. She has the ability to rise above her circumstance and has a level of understanding that few know.

She is able to quickly assess and analyze a situation and determine whether to act or wait. She is able to arrive at a solution that is not only the best, but one that many times saves lives. Regardless, of how she is treated she is able to continue to treat others with respect and dignity. Her compassion and ability to forgive and move forward is what makes her one of the strongest soldiers in the unit.

So many times, she could ring the bell and give up, yet she chooses to keep leading, to keep believing.

Her mental toughness and willingness to persevere in even the most difficult of circumstances are what help her to wait patiently while the pieces come together for the next evolution.

Hooyah! Ya’ll have a beautiful day! Get Strong!

All My Love,


This article is dedicated to my incredibly beautiful military family and friends, Paula Donaldson – retired US Army, Kiera Vernon – retired US Navy, Sonia Bali – retired US Navy

And, one of my former students currently serving our beautiful nation, Samantha Saltamachia – US Air Force. Thank you for the incredible difference you make in my life and in the lives of those you serve. I love you all!

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