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Jump Into the Day Happy!

Dancing through my mind are images of bold, colorful balloons floating into the air. Their streamers wavering as they rise. Happiness is filled with smiles and laughter and of course color, lots and lots of color, but it is also filled with a grateful heart for the life you live. It’s feeling those small arms wrapped around you at the end of an exhausting day, it’s tucking the little ones in at night. It’s sitting in the backyard with a cup of coffee watching the squirrels run or the cardinals’ bebop on the fence. It’s sitting around the campfire on a cold November night with your cousins sharing stories. It’s chicken noodle soup on Christmas and singing Christmas carols in the living room. It’s waking up and sitting on the edge of the bed, breathing in, and being excited to put your feet on the ground for one more day. Happiness is anything that brings you peace, comfort, hope and joy!

For today, think for just a few moments about one of the happiest moments in your life. Write it down. Then put it on your bathroom mirror, next to the coffee pot or in a spot that you are sure to see each morning and jump into the day happy!

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All my love,


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