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Give Your Children Space

I have not finished raising my own children, in fact, I have determined that I do not think parents ever finish raising their children. There’s a certain amount of raising that belongs to a parent for at least their entire lifetime, but perhaps even after. Most of us carry our parents' voices with us and even find ourselves saying and doing some of the things they did.

So, as I consider the significant influence that our parents have on our lives, I think about the importance of teaching our children responsibilities, but more so teaching them about how to rise up when they fall. I think about teaching them the importance of hard work, but equally as important how to find time to rest and spend time with the people that matter most --- your family. I think about the importance of helping them to know that they are loved by carving out time frequently to create special moments --- special times that only the two of you can share.

Crawl on the floor with them. - One of my fondest moments as a child was when my dad pretended to be a horse. He would get down on all fours and we would crawl on top of his back. Every once in a while he would even rear back and pretend that he was going to toss us off, but he always held onto us tight. One of my fondest moments as a mom was being able to pass this same activity onto my own girls. And, sitting on the floor next to them as they played.

Make potpourri with them. - I talked about this in a previous article, but my Mom taught me how to make potpourri when I was around 7 or 8. She would visit craft shows and sell sachets filled with the potpourri. I helped her put the mixture into the sachets and stuff them with a little batting to give them a little body. One of my fondest memories as a mom was being able to make slime with my daughters. Then help our youngest fill containers, pack boxes, and create shipping labels, so that she could ship packages nationwide. She only did it for a few months, but what an amazing opportunity it presented all of us. And, what an incredible lesson in planning, packaging, and customer service for her at a young age.

Run through the rain puddle. - Another one of my fondest memories was catching water in a cup during a rainstorm or catching it with my mouth as it fell out of the sky. I don’t remember my parents exactly playing in the rain with us, but they did encourage us to play outside and provided the rain gathering materials, as long as there was no lightning or thunder. One of my fondest memories as a Mom was going outside and running in the rain with my girls. Then watching them play in the puddles and even jumping in a few times myself.

Live a life that you can be proud of and that they can be proud of too! Share your life with them. Give them space in your life.

You never know when they might hit a wall in their life that sends them back to that special moment in their childhood. When they look at that special time they will find love there and that might be the very moment that helps them to get back up and raise themselves over the wall.

For a moment, think about how you can create special moments with your child and give them space in your life today?

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love, Jen

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