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Get Strong With Jen! - Strength Training - Setting Yourself Up for Success - Part 3

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We have been discussing a plan to set yourself up for success in strength training and falling in love with your body. This week we are going to talk about what your training area should look like and where you will train.

Here is what you will need:

o Olympic Weight Set – 300 lbs

o 45 lb bar (there are lighter bars if you need them)

o Bumper plates – 25 lbs is good; 45lbs is best

o Power rack with safety pins

o Enough space to deadlift

o Barbell Collars

o Timer

For a home gym:

o 4 x 6 Horse Stall Mats x 2 (4 if you have the space)

o White board with a dry erase marker

o Something fun – heavy bag, stationary bike, jump rope, etc.

There are several benefits to training at a commercial gym, but there are also wonderful benefits from training at home. I encourage you to ask yourself a few questions before you determine where you will train.

1) Where do you feel most comfortable working out? In front of people? Or alone?

2) You will need approximately a 9 x 12 space to house your equipment. Do you have the space or could you clear out space in your home or garage? (think about the dining room/spare bedroom/ even the game room)

3) Price the equipment for your home gym and compare it with a gym membership. How many months do you have to lift at home to break even?

4) Do you have the time to drive to a gym or would it be more convenient to workout at home?

5) Will you be interrupted during your workouts at home or will you be able to stay focused?

Regardless, of where you decide to lift, the most important component is that you lift consistently. You will find that you might be sore after the first 2 or 3 workouts, but truthfully if you are following Starting Strength or a similar program you will be lifting a weight that is appropriate for you and adding 5 lbs each workout and the soreness will fade quickly. I will tell you the best cure for sore muscles in another workout. There might even be moments where you think you might be tempted to add more weight – I encourage you to refrain – it will get heavier soon enough. It’s a process.

And, of course if you are a bit concerned about starting out with a bar there are always dumbbells. The Best Dumbbell Exercises to Target Every Muscle Group can help you to learn more. Remember, the ultimate goal is to help you to get strong for life!

You are just about ready to get started lifting. Just one more piece to go! Learn more next time. Have a wonderful week ya’ll!

All My Love,


Get Strong With Jen! – Strength Training – Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part 3 Video

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