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Get Strong with Jen - Strength Training- Setting Yourself Up for Success - Part 1

I probably should title this article Learning to Fall in Love with Your Body because truthfully that is the point I want to make here.

What You Will Need:

o Pen/Pencil

o Notebook

o Highlighter

o Sticky Notes

o Google/Dictionary/Encyclopedia

o Reading Material about strength training

o Commitment to read, research, and learn

The first strength training purchase I would recommend is:

A book called – Started Strength Basic Barbell Training 3rd edition - by Mark Rippetoe

I would also recommend that your purchase Practical Programming for Strength Training 3rd edition – by Mark Rippetoe and Andy Baker

And, if you are over 40 I would recommend The Barbell Prescription Strength Training for Life After 40 – by Jonathon M. Sullivan and Andy Baker

Once you have made your first purchase, start reading. If you don’t know something look it up. If it doesn’t seem like it’s something you need to learn you can gloss over it for now, but you are probably going to want to know more about it later, so just stop and learn about it now. Highlight things that seem important to you and use your sticky notes to mark especially important pages to you. If you have decided to make Starting Strength your basic mode of learning then I do want to prepare you for Mark’s beautiful humor interjected between the technical words of sarcomeres and adenosine triphosphate or maybe beautiful is not exactly the word – you will understand once you start reading. And, be prepared to dream about the moment arm.

Regardless of whether you choose to strength train, run, walk, or go climb a mountain -- CHOOSE TO LOVE YOUR BODY! It can do amazing things! Most days, I only need mine to do simple tasks, but if I ever need it to be strong, I want to know that it is.

For those of you working to break an unhealthy habit/cycle:

Every day this week, I encourage you to stand in front of the mirror and really look at your body --- then ask yourself:

What is one area of my body that I really love? Say aloud – “I love my _____.” Then say aloud “I love my body.”

It may seem silly at first and you may not even believe it right now, if it’s been a while you may even cry and that’s okay. Just keep coming back to the mirror every day and saying aloud how much you love your body and soon your body will begin to feel and look different to you. And, one day you may find yourself smiling and jumping up and down saying "I love my body!" If you want a great visual of what this process could look like – take a couple of minutes to watch this video from Friends. If all else fails, you will always have laughter! And, where there is laughter there is love.

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!

All my love,


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