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Coming Back to Life

When you are coming back to life it can feel like learning to ride a bike for the first time. A little awkward and uneasy. You might fall and even skin your knees and elbows. It might be slow, even painful at times. You might cry and want to give up. You may be scared to travel far or without a friend, but soon you will begin to push yourself farther and faster. You may decide to venture out on your own to discover a world you had not seen from this view before. Though this time you may find that you want to take time to stop and smell the roses, grab a cup of coffee, sit under a tree, and even read a book along the way. You may discover that while your bike does have the ability to go farther faster, maybe you won’t want to travel far, but only go where you need to go.

You may discover that it is not at all about how far you go, but who you take with you on the ride.

When you are coming back to life it can feel as if you stepped out of your life and are watching a slow motion television show. You might only be able to engage for small moments at a time without feeling completely overwhelmed, flooded with emotions, and utterly exhausted. You may need commercial breaks from time to time. Maybe the Tide laundry kind, to give yourself time to wash out all of the dirt and get down to the beauty of your soul.

When you are coming back to life it is okay to take it one step, one movement, one motion at a time. After all, you are learning how to live again, but this time hopefully, it will be more of a gentle glide into peace and more joyful living.

For just a moment, consider parking your bike here and ask yourself if there is a place in your life that could use a little Tide or your favorite detergent?

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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