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On Fire For Life| Week 7 Day 4| Learning to Forgive

Forgiveness takes a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and discipline. It’s not something we really think about on a day to day basis. It’s not really anything we want to do or even realize we need to do. And, it’s definitely not anything we want to look back at.

It seemed easy when we were growing up. Your brother or sister pulled your hair. You pulled their hair back. The trusted adult in your life made each of you apologize. Begrudgingly, you each said, “I’m sorry” and you rolled on.

As you grew, there was less and less hair pulling, but harder, deeper issues that came from all different places and no one said they were sorry for. And you rolled on. And, you rolled and rolled and rolled. You thought you had escaped unscathed. Until one day you realized that you rolled so much that you covered up, almost smothered the light and love. You found yourself standing on a mountain of hurt and pain.

Maybe it’s not like that for everyone.

For most though it is. We hide behind it --- walk up and down it --- stomp all over it --- demand it change – crawl underneath it – carry it on our backs -- let it weigh us down – and finally one day we get really tired and we raise the white flag ---- and layer by layer the light and love shines through --- pushing, almost demanding to be seen.

We are all on our own journey. Each of us needing slightly different tools to uncover one layer of light and love at a time. This week take a walk proudly waving your white flag letting the light and love shine through!

Take a moment to ask the Creator of Light and Love to join you on your walk. Ask Him to show you what tools you need. Ask Him to show you His grace and mercy. Then watch Him work!

Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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