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On Fire for Life| Week 7 Day 3| Learning to Forgive

“Your forgiveness is like sweet, sweet honey on my lips” the words from Holy Water by We the Kingdom play through my mind as I begin to write.

And, I cannot help, but think of my aunt, Aunt Honeybee. She has had a beautiful impact on my life. Buzzing around often to help others and be involved with activities in her community; although, in some situations, in some relationships she has experienced a tremendous amount of hurt and pain, she continues.

I have watched her all my life and while she does get mad at times, she walks away, continues to nurture her own hive, collects herself (eats a little “royal jelly”) and goes back for more. Not more, hurt and anger, but love.

As she can, she works to bring the sweetest and best honey to those around her. In her eyes, it isn’t always perfect, and it isn’t always beautiful, but it comes from a place filled with light and love which makes it an absolutely magical, absolutely powerful, absolutely transformational experience.

Ironically, the interaction with her is not about the other person at all, it is about her. In every situation where she thinks things did not go as planned, God’s grace and mercy – his forgiveness floods her transforming her more and more into light and love.

You see forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about you. It is about you learning how to stop feeling angry or resentful toward another person or situation. It is about you stepping into a place of light and love, of hope and joy, filled with God’s grace and mercy, so that you can talk and interact with people with kind and patient words and actions.

Much like the honeybee, forgiveness is about all of us working together to create an incredibly strong beehive where we build, clean, and protect our hive, clear the air, and work together to feed one another.

Ya’ll have an incredible day! Get on fire for LIFE!

All My Love,


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