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30 Days of Prayer to Heal PTSD - Day 7

Artwork by: Mackensie Frnka

Lord, thank you for the reminder that even in the waves of our brokenness we are still deserving of the beautiful life you meant for us. A life filled with much color -- love, laughter, hope, and healing. Thank you for the reminder that our wealth does not come from the things of this earth, but from a place far beyond what we can imagine. Thank you for the angels that you have sent into our lives. Although, some may have gone before us or were only a part of our life for a short time, they were there to help us calm the storm and bring clarity to our lives and we are incredibly grateful. Today Lord, we pray that for all those with PTSD, diagnosed or undiagnosed, that you send an angel into their life this week who can pull up alongside them, walk with them, sit with them, and be there until they are ready to fly on their own. We pray that as they get stronger and are able to see the light again in their own lives that they can be the light in someone else’s life - whether that is through a smile, a softly spoken word, or a kind gesture in understanding. We pray Lord, for peace and understanding in our lives and the lives of those we touch. Thank you Lord! We love you!

Ya'll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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