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30 Days of Prayer for PTSD - Day 27

The process of growing a tree is fairly simple. Till the soil, dig a hole, plant the seed, cover it with dirt, add a little fertilizer, water it, and wait.

During the time that we are waiting, we might sit next to, sing to, check on, measure growth, till the soil around it, pull the weeds, celebrate the new growth, protect it, stake it, and take pictures of it. We take our time with it, gently cultivating and pouring a whole lot of love into it.

When someone is first seeking treatment for and diagnosed with PTSD, it can be scary for all parties involved. They are much like the seed waiting to sprout. They have known they were depleted for so long. Now, you probably shouldn't throw dirt on them. Lol! That could cause a fight, but a nice cool glass of water to drink might be nice. Coupled with a heartwarming visit from a loved one, it could provide the strength they need to head into their next therapy appointment. Singing a tune or ten together might provide the energy they need to continue to work through their trauma. Checking in to see how they are and celebrating the small victories with them might just be the refreshment that they need. Helping them to see that they are safe and secure now might also be helpful. And they may even enjoy taking a few spontaneous pictures every now and again. PTSD isn't a laughing matter, but having fun with a friend or a loved one can sometimes provide the laughter and fun that someone needs when it is time to dig into the hard truth and uproot a dying stem.

Taking the time to pour in just an extra bit of love, like watering a seedling, may be worth more than you will ever know.

Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful for the gift of pouring love into one another. We appreciate the reminder that acts of love don't always need to be grand; even simple gestures and patient support can uplift our loved ones, especially those fighting against the challenges of PTSD. Amen.

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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