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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD - Day 27

Establish a strong foundation.

When you live with PTSD there can be moments when your peace, trust, strength and discipline are all compromised and moving away from your trauma can sometimes seem next to impossible. Recall in this month of prayer that Luke 1:37 reminds us that “with God nothing shall be impossible.” Establishing a strong foundation- planting the seeds for faith to grow- gives God the space He needs to help you grow and get stronger. Remember though that sometimes strength doesn’t come in a day, a week, a month or even a year. It comes over a period of time. Like the oak tree that weathers the storm- you may lose some leaves, you may lose some branches, you may be struck by lightning and split in two, heck someone might even chop you down, but in spite of it all you continue to grow. It might not be in the way you once thought and it might be for a different purpose, but it will be in the way for which you were designed.

Thank you Lord for the reminder that You are the greatest of all architects. Thank you for the reminder that nothing that You design goes without meaning or purpose. Thank you for the reminder that You planted within each of us a heart designed to love and adore You and one another and as long as we continue to feed, water, and nurture it it will continue to grow.

Sit here for just a moment, near the fire from the branches on the oak tree. It’s warm here. Let the warmth fill your soul:

What do you do each day that helps you to feed, water, and nurture your heart? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ask God to show you His design for your life: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Breathe in and out. SMILE. Then step into the life you were designed for and travel with peace.

Y’all have a beautiful one!

All My Love,


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