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Jump Into the Day Excited!

Life is exciting! From minute to minute you never know what you might get. A calm, quiet day could suddenly be filled with laughter and silliness as the kids run through the house or a smile might light up your face as you step into the backyard and find the squirrels scampering up the tree turning to gibber at one another. Or maybe it’s a simple switch in music and suddenly you are transformed into a 15-year-old listening to a New Kids on the Block song belting out “Hangin’ Tough” in your bedroom. Or maybe, you get news about a promotion or receive something you have been waiting for. Or maybe, it’s absolutely nothing that happens, it’s just you with a smile, looking out the window and feeling excited to be alive for one more day!

For just a moment today, think about what brings you joy and excitement! And, jump into the day with eager anticipation. The sun is shining and maybe even smiling! Get excited!

Have a beautiful day ya'll!

All My Love,


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