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22 Days of Prayer for your PTSD Partner - Day 11

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Bible Verse:

“In their distress they cried to the Lord, who saved them in their peril; He brought them forth from darkness and the shadow of death and broke their chains asunder. Let them thank the Lord for His mercy, such wondrous deeds for the children of Adam. For He broke down the gates of bronze and snapped the bars of iron” Psalms 107: 13-16.

22 Days of Prayer for your PTSD partner:

Lord, as we pray today we recall the lyrics from Madonna’s Holiday “You can turn this world around and bring back all of those happy days… let love shine and we will find a way to come together” and are reminded of all of those people we are incredibly grateful for. Thank you so incredibly much for our counselors, spiritual advisors, friends, and family who stand with us in our darkest moments. Lord, we ask that you bless them tenfold for the work that they are doing in our lives. Living with PTSD can feel extremely lonely, but with the right people and tools in place we are able to “break down the gates and snap the bars of iron” that can sometimes keep our hearts locked away. Lord, we thank You for Your never-ending love and incredible healing. In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.

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