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2021 Prayer Journey to Heal PTSD – Day 5

On the Road to Peace.

When you have PTSD, at times, it can feel like the lights on your car are super dim or not evening shining. When this happens with our vehicle it is fairly simple to change out the lightbulb quickly. It takes a bit more effort though, if we are talking about bringing more light to our heart, body, and soul. It is possible though when we have the right tools and resources in place to help us as we continue to drive towards peace.

Today, Lord, we want to thank you for helping us to see that when the light starts to get dim in our lives we only have to reach out and ask for help. Thank you for the reminder that you are always with us. Lord, we ask you to cover us; heart, mind, body, and soul as we shine a light on the moments that cause us post traumatic stress. Help us to trust that you are always right next to us providing us with the strength and discipline that we need to make our drive more smooth.

Consider taking a moment with our Lord here:

Recall a moment in your life when everything went smoothly: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank God for this time.

Ask Him to shine a light on an area of your life where you need more support. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ask Him to show you the best way to make this part of your life a smoother drive. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

As our drive gets smoother and our hearts become more open to allowing the light and love in our walk with PTSD becomes more and more about peace, trust, strength, and discipline, and less about the trauma that we carry. We smile more, laugh more, and find love in our lives more.

Thank you for praying today. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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