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Jump Into the Day with Feeling!

Growing up, making potpourri with my Mom was always so much fun! When I think about it now, there was so much feeling involved. That is if you go by the dictionary definition of feel “to handle or touch in order to examine, test, or explore some quality.” You see when you make potpourri you have to dry the flowers, then add the scented oil, the allspice seeds, and clove and mix it all together. There is the crunch of the dried flower petals as you toss everything together. There is the natural smell of the rose that you catch small whiffs of as you mix and soon you smell the cloves and allspice. There is the decision of what scent to use and experimenting to see how much is best for what the potpourri will be used for. Of course, when you are small, and you notice a shade of difference in a petal or two you want to examine it closer, flip it over and over again between your fingers, pull it apart to reveal the teeny veins, or rub it to see if it changes to look like the other. You FEEL it.

As I consider this moment in my life, I consider how exciting almost everything we do as children is. I could make potpourri over and over again when I was small and could find something new to examine or test and explore each time. That is the same feeling I try to carry into life each day… it may not be every moment, but at least one moment a day I really try to take a moment to examine, to test, to explore some quality of the moment in a deeper, more intimate way. TO FEEL IT!

From an over the top embrace with one of my girls or husband, to a minute intently watching a squirrel nibble on an acorn, or smiling at a blank document on a computer screen and stretching my arms high into the air while I feel my ribs pull tightly into my core and feel the stretch through my hips. My goal each day is to FEEL LIFE at least once a day!

Take a moment to feel life today! Find something or someone to touch, to examine more closely, to test or explore some quality of. As I write this, the silly, goofy girl in me wants to challenge you to walk up to a random stranger and ask, “May I examine you?” But that might get everyone into trouble, so make sure that you choose your subject wisely!

Ya’ll have fun jumping into the day!

All My Love,


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