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Biscuits, Butter, and Sugar Syrup

In the small Texas town of Weches sits a small white two bedroom, one bathroom home with a screened in front porch. Small in comparison to most homes these days, but the love that pours from it could never be quantified.

Growing up, biscuits with white cream gravy were one of my favorite family breakfast foods, but over 25 years ago when I became acquainted with the small white home —- Mamaw’s house—- where my husband’s step-dad spent as much time as he could, he introduced me to biscuits and sugar syrup.

I remember my first trip there. They had warned me that there would be a house full of people and there were, but much like my own family everyone found their place whether it was on the front porch, the sofa, the floor in the living room, or somewhere outside. Everyone was welcome and always received with a wealth of love.

That first trip we actually stayed the night at a hotel in a neighboring town. It was the closest big city about 30 minutes away. I remember the windy drive back to the white house, the pine trees and talk of the sugar syrup. When we arrived at the house, it was just as everyone said. We walked into the smell of fresh biscuits baking and Mamaw putting in the last cup of sugar into the pot for sugar syrup. We didn’t stay in the kitchen long. Only long enough to say “Hi!” and give her a hug.

I don’t remember much else about that trip except that when the biscuits were served they were soon consumed one by one with hand after hand of the little ones reaching in and the adults soon too.

Mamaw found joy just sitting in her rocker, which was near the kitchen door, to visit while everyone found a place to savor the love that she baked.

Today, my mother-in-law uses Mamaw’s recipe to treat her own family to the same goodness, except she adds butter to her biscuits which introduced us to a whole new level of love. And, when we are really good we even get a little sausage or bacon on the side.

Biscuits and gravy will always be my breakfast favorite, but I will always hold the love my father-in-law shared with us close to my heart.

And, let it fill my soul.

He left us in September of 2020 to join Mamaw in her heavenly home, but not without leaving us with a few words of wisdom:

“Boy, I don’t stutter and your ears don’t flap.” - Always listen and do good.

“How about a little thunder and a little lightning?” - Have fun in life!

“Pay ‘tention Memaw!” - Slow down and enjoy the little moments.

And, my absolute favorite- “This calls for a family meeting!” - No other words need to be said, just enjoy life together!

There are no stairs to heaven, no phone to talk on, but there are the joys, the celebrations, the moments, the love that we will hold in our hearts until we gain our angel wings.

Consider taking a moment today to celebrate the ones you love, those here with you now and those who are living in their heavenly home.

If you haven’t talked to a loved one in a while, consider making a phone call. Or write a letter to someone who has gained their Angel wings.

Then head into your day, knowing that you are deeply loved!

Y’all have a beautiful day!

All My Love,


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